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libdar::directory Class Reference

#include <catalogue.hpp>

Inheritance diagram for libdar::directory:

libdar::inode libdar::nomme libdar::entree

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Detailed Description

the directory inode class

Definition at line 413 of file catalogue.hpp.

Public Types

enum  ea_status { ea_none, ea_partial, ea_full }

Public Member Functions

void add_children (nomme *r)
bool callback_for_children_of (user_interaction &dialog, const std::string &sdir) const
void change_name (const std::string &x)
entreeclone () const
void compare (user_interaction &dialog, const inode &other, bool root_ea, bool user_ea, bool ignore_owner) const
 directory (user_interaction &dialog, generic_file &f, const dar_version &reading_ver, saved_status saved, entree_stats &stats, std::map< infinint, file_etiquette * > &corres, compression default_algo, generic_file *data_loc, generic_file *ea_loc)
 directory (const directory &ref)
 directory (U_16 xuid, U_16 xgid, U_16 xperm, const infinint &last_access, const infinint &last_modif, const std::string &xname, const infinint &device)
void dump (user_interaction &dialog, generic_file &f) const
void ea_attach (ea_attributs *ref)
void ea_detach () const
ea_status ea_get_saved_status () const
void ea_set_crc (const crc &val)
void ea_set_offset (const infinint &pos)
void ea_set_saved_status (ea_status status)
infinint get_device () const
const ea_attributs * get_ea (user_interaction &dialog) const
U_16 get_gid () const
infinint get_last_access () const
infinint get_last_change () const
infinint get_last_modif () const
std::string get_name () const
directoryget_parent () const
U_16 get_perm () const
saved_status get_saved_status () const
U_16 get_uid () const
virtual bool has_changed_since (const inode &ref, const infinint &hourshift, bool ignore_owner) const
bool has_children () const
virtual bool is_more_recent_than (const inode &ref, const infinint &hourshift, bool ignore_owner) const
void listing (user_interaction &dialog, const mask &m=bool_mask(true), bool filter_unsaved=false, std::string marge="") const
bool read_children (const nomme *&r) const
void reset_read_children () const
bool same_as (const nomme &ref) const
bool same_as (const inode &ref) const
bool search_children (const std::string &name, nomme *&ref)
void set_last_access (const infinint &x_time)
void set_last_change (const infinint &x_time)
void set_last_modif (const infinint &x_time)
void set_saved_status (saved_status x)
unsigned char signature () const
void tar_listing (user_interaction &dialog, const mask &m=bool_mask(true), bool filter_unsaved=false, const std::string &beginning="") const

Static Public Member Functions

static entreeread (user_interaction &dialog, generic_file &f, const dar_version &reading_ver, entree_stats &stats, std::map< infinint, file_etiquette * > &corres, compression default_algo, generic_file *data_loc, generic_file *ea_loc)

Protected Member Functions

virtual void sub_compare (user_interaction &dialog, const inode &other) const

Private Member Functions

void clear ()

Private Attributes

std::vector< nomme * > fils
std::vector< nomme * >::iterator it

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