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Detailed Description

Symbols that are not to be used by external software.

never use threses symboles (function, macro, variables, types, etc.) they are not intended to be used by external programs and may change or disapear without any warning or backward compatibility


file  cache.hpp
 contains the cache class
file  catalogue.hpp
 here is defined the many classed which is build of the catalogue
file  cygwin_adapt.hpp
 thin adaptation layer to Cygwin specifities
file  defile.hpp
 here is defined the defile class
file  ea.hpp
 contains a set of routines to manage EA values associated to a file
file  ea_filesystem.hpp
 contains a set of routine to read or write EA to filesystem
file  elastic.hpp
 here is defined the elastic class
file  etage.hpp
 definition of the etage structure is done here
file  filesystem.hpp
 defines several class that realize the interface with the filesystem
file  filtre.hpp
 here is all the core routines for the operations
file  generic_file.hpp
 class generic_file is defined here as well as class fichier
file  header.hpp
 slice header structure is defined here
file  header_version.hpp
 archive global header structure is defined here
file  int_tools.hpp
 elementary operation for infinint integers
file  macro_tools.hpp
 macroscopic tools for libdar internals
file  nls_swap.hpp
 provides a set of macro to change the NLS from user application domaine to libdar domain and viceversa
file  special_alloc.hpp
 re-definition of new and delete class operator


class  libdar::blockdev
 the block device class More...
class  libdar::blowfish
 blowfish implementation of encryption More...
class  libdar::cache
 the cache class implements a very basic read/write caching mechanisme More...
class  libdar::catalogue
 the catalogue class which gather all objects contained in a give archive More...
class  libdar::chardev
 the char device class More...
class  libdar::contextual
 the contextual class adds the information of phases in the generic_file More...
class  libdar::defile
 the defile class keep trace of the real path of files while the flow in the filter routines More...
class  libdar::detruit
 the deleted file entry More...
class  libdar::device
 the special device root class More...
class  libdar::directory
 the directory inode class More...
class  libdar::elastic
 the elastic buffer class More...
class  libdar::entree
 the root class from all other inherite for any entry in the catalogue More...
struct  libdar::entree_stats
class  libdar::eod
 the End of Directory entry class More...
struct  libdar::etage
 the etage structure keep trace of directory contents More...
class  libdar::etiquette
 the hard link managment interface class (pure virtual class) More...
class  libdar::fichier
 this is a full implementation of a generic_file applied to a plain file More...
class  libdar::file
 the plain file class More...
class  libdar::file_etiquette
 the hard linked plain file More...
class  libdar::filesystem_backup
 make a flow sequence of inode to feed the backup filtering routing More...
class  libdar::filesystem_diff
 make a flow of inode to feed the difference filter routine More...
class  libdar::filesystem_hard_link_read
 keep trace of hard links when reading the filesystem More...
class  libdar::filesystem_hard_link_write
 keep trace of already written inodes to restore hard links More...
class  libdar::filesystem_restore
 receive the flow of inode from the restoration filtering routing and promotes theses to real filesystem objects More...
class  libdar::generic_file
 this is the interface class from which all other data transfer classes inherit More...
class  libdar::hard_link
 the secondary reference to a hard linked inode More...
class  libdar::ignored
 the present file to ignore (not to be recorded as deleted later) More...
class  libdar::ignored_dir
 the ignored directory class, to be promoted later as empty directory if needed More...
class  libdar::infinint
 the arbitrary large positive integer class More...
class  libdar::inode
 the root class for all inode More...
class  libdar::lien
 the symbolic link inode class More...
class  libdar::limitint< B >
 limitint template class More...
class  libdar::nomme
 the base class for all entry that have a name More...
class  libdar::null_file
 the null_file class implements the /dev/null behavior More...
class  libdar::prise
 the Unix socket inode class More...
class  libdar::scrambler
 scrambler is a very weak encryption scheme More...
class  libdar::slave_zapette
 this class answers to order given by a zapette object More...
class  libdar::storage
 arbitrary large storage structure More...
class  libdar::terminateur
 terminateur class indicates the location of the beginning of the catalogue More...
class  libdar::thread_cancellation
 class to be used as parent to provide checkpoints to inherited classes More...
class  libdar::tronconneuse
 this is a partial implementation of the generic_file interface to encrypt/decrypt data block by block. More...
class  libdar::tube
 the named pipe class More...
class  libdar::tuyau
 pipe implementation under the generic_file interface. More...
class  libdar::wrapperlib
 this class encapsulates calls to libz or libbz2 More...
class  libdar::zapette
 zapette emulate a file that is remotely controlled by slave_zapette More...


#define CONTEXT_INIT   "init"
#define CONTEXT_OP   "operation"


typedef char libdar::crc [CRC_SIZE]


enum  libdar::gf_mode { libdar::gf_read_only, libdar::gf_write_only, libdar::gf_read_write }
 generic_file openning modes More...
enum  saved_status { s_saved, s_fake, s_not_saved }


void libdar::clear (crc &value)
bool libdar::compatible_signature (unsigned char a, unsigned char b)
void libdar::copy_crc (crc &dst, const crc &src)
gf_mode libdar::generic_file_get_mode (S_I fd)
const char * libdar::generic_file_get_name (gf_mode mode)
unsigned char libdar::mk_signature (unsigned char base, saved_status state)
bool libdar::same_crc (const crc &a, const crc &b)
generic_file * libdar::sar_tools_open_archive_fichier (user_interaction &dialog, const std::string &filename, bool allow_over, bool warn_over)
 create a container for a single sliced archive
generic_file * libdar::sar_tools_open_archive_tuyau (user_interaction &dialog, S_I fd, gf_mode mode)
 create an container to write a archive to a pipe


const int libdar::CRC_SIZE = 2

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