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Detailed Description

a set of tool routine

theses routines are part of the libdar API for historical reason. They are shared and used by dar, dar_slave, dar_xform, and dar_manager command. You should avoid using thoses in external program as they may be removed or changed without backward compatibility support.


file  deci.hpp
 manages the decimal representation of infinint


class  libdar::deci
 decimal class, convert infinint from and to decimal represention More...


bool libdar::is_equal_with_hourshift (const infinint &hourshift, const infinint &date1, const infinint &date2)
 test if two dates are equal taking care of a integer hour of difference
std::vector< std::string > libdar::operator+ (std::vector< std::string > a, std::vector< std::string > b)
 concatenate two vectors
template<class T>
std::vector< T > libdar::operator+= (std::vector< T > &a, const std::vector< T > &b)
 template function to add two vectors
std::ostream & libdar::operator<< (std::ostream &ref, const infinint &arg)
 specific << operator to use infinint in std::ostream
void libdar::tools_add_elastic_buffer (generic_file &f, U_32 max_size)
 append an elastic buffer of given size to the file
std::string libdar::tools_addspacebefore (std::string s, unsigned int expected_size)
 prepend spaces before the given string
bool libdar::tools_are_on_same_filesystem (const std::string &file1, const std::string &file2)
 tells whether two files are on the same mounted filesystem
void libdar::tools_avoid_slice_overwriting (user_interaction &dialog, const std::string &chemin, const std::string &x_file_mask, bool info_details, bool allow_overwriting, bool warn_overwriting)
 prevents slice overwriting: check the presence of slice and if necessary ask the user if they can be removed
void libdar::tools_blocking_read (int fd, bool mode)
 set blocking/not blocking mode for reading on a file descriptor
void libdar::tools_check_basename (user_interaction &dialog, const path &loc, std::string &base, const std::string &extension)
 does sanity checks on a slice name, check presence and detect whether the given basename is not rather a filename
std::string libdar::tools_concat_vector (const std::string &separator, const std::vector< std::string > &x)
 concatenate a vectors of strings in a single string
string libdar::tools_display_date (infinint date)
 convert a date in second to its human readable representation
void libdar::tools_display_features (user_interaction &dialog, bool ea, bool largefile, bool nodump, bool special_alloc, U_I bits, bool thread_safe, bool libz, bool libbz2, bool libcrypto)
 display the compilation time features of libdar
bool libdar::tools_do_some_files_match_mask (const char *c_chemin, const char *file_mask)
 test the presence of files corresponding to a given mask in a directory
char * libdar::tools_extract_basename (const char *command_name)
 extracts the basename of a file (removing path part)
infinint libdar::tools_get_extended_size (std::string s, U_I base)
 convert the given string to infinint taking care of multiplication suffixes like k, M, T, etc.
infinint libdar::tools_get_filesize (const path &p)
 retrieve the size in byte of a file
const char * libdar::tools_get_from_env (const char **env, char *clef)
 isolate the value of a given variable from the environment vector
string libdar::tools_getcwd ()
 get current working directory
string libdar::tools_int2str (S_I x)
 convert integer to string
bool libdar::tools_is_case_insensitive_equal (const std::string &a, const std::string &b)
 compare two string in case insensitive manner
bool libdar::tools_is_member (const std::string &val, const std::vector< std::string > &liste)
 test the presence of a value in a list
bool libdar::tools_look_for (const char *argument, S_I argc, char *argv[])
 test the presence of an argument
void libdar::tools_make_date (const std::string &chemin, infinint access, infinint modif)
 set dates of a given file, may throw exception
bool libdar::tools_my_atoi (char *a, U_I &val)
 ascii to integer conversion
string libdar::tools_name_of_gid (U_16 gid)
 convert fid to name in regards to the current system's configuration
string libdar::tools_name_of_uid (U_16 uid)
 convert uid to name in regards to the current system's configuration
void libdar::tools_noexcept_make_date (const std::string &chem, const infinint &last_acc, const infinint &last_mod)
 set dates of a given file, no exception thrown
void libdar::tools_open_pipes (user_interaction &dialog, const std::string &input, const std::string &output, tuyau *&in, tuyau *&out)
 open a pair of tuyau objects encapsulating two named pipes.
string libdar::tools_printf (char *format,...)
 make printf-like formating to a std::string
void libdar::tools_read_range (const std::string &s, U_I &min, U_I &max)
 from a string with a range notation (min-max) extract the range values
void libdar::tools_read_string (generic_file &f, std::string &s)
 read a string from a file expecting it to terminate by '\0'
void libdar::tools_read_string_size (generic_file &f, std::string &s, infinint taille)
 read a string if given size from a file '\0' has no special meaning
void libdar::tools_read_vector (generic_file &f, std::vector< std::string > &x)
 read a list of string from a file
string libdar::tools_readlink (const char *root)
 returns the file pointed to by a symbolic link (or transparent if the file is not a symlink).
void libdar::tools_remove_last_char_if_equal_to (char c, std::string &s)
 remove last character of a string is it equal to a given value
void libdar::tools_split_path_basename (const std::string &all, std::string &chemin, std::string &base)
 split a given full path in path part and basename part
void libdar::tools_split_path_basename (const char *all, path *&chemin, std::string &base)
 split a given full path in path part and basename part
char * libdar::tools_str2charptr (std::string x)
 convert a string to a char *
U_32 libdar::tools_str2int (const std::string &x)
 convert an integer written in decimal notation to the corresponding value
void libdar::tools_system (user_interaction &dialog, const std::vector< std::string > &argvector)
 wrapper to the "system" system call.
void libdar::tools_to_upper (char *nts)
 convert a string to upper case
void libdar::tools_unlink_file_mask (user_interaction &dialog, const char *c_chemin, const char *file_mask, bool info_details)
 remove files from a given directory
string libdar::tools_vprintf (char *format, va_list ap)
 make printf-like formating to a std::string
void libdar::tools_write_string (generic_file &f, const std::string &s)
 write a string to a file with a '\0' at then end
void libdar::tools_write_string_all (generic_file &f, const std::string &s)
 write a string to a file, '\0' has no special meaning nor is added at the end
void libdar::tools_write_vector (generic_file &f, const std::vector< std::string > &x)
 write a list of string to file

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